Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice by Raymond Arsenault

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In the spring and summer of 1961 four hundred and thirty-six people-old and young, black and white, Northern and Southern-came together to travel in small groups, through the Deep South, defying Jim Crow laws and putting their beliefs, even their very lives, on the line in defense of racial injustice. In this new version of his encyclopedic and award-winning 'Freedom Riders,' Raymond Arsenault recounts their harrowing, horrifying, and ultimately heroic story-a tale of sacrifice, high drama, and unexpected triumph. This book shows how a disparate band of volunteers expanded the realm of the possible in American politics, redefining the limits of dissent and setting the stage for the dramatic events of the 1960s: all by taking a ride on a bus.

  • A companion to the American Experience film on PBS.
  • Abridged Edition.
  • Paperback, 306 pages.