Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier by Barbara Perry

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In a mere one thousand days, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy created an entrancing public persona that has remained intact for nearly forty years. Even now she remains a figure of enduring - and endearing - interest. Yet, while innumerable books have focused on the legends and gossip surrounding this charismatic figure, Barbara Perry's is the first to focus largely on Kennedy's White House years, portraying a first lady far more complex and enigmatic than previously perceived.

Grounded on the authors painstaking research into previously overlooked or unavailable archives at the Kennedy Library and elsewhere, as well as interviews with Jacqueline Kennedy's close associates, Perry's work expands and enriches our understanding of a remarkable American woman. 

  • Biography of Jacqueline Kennedy during the Kennedy Administration.
  • Researched at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.
  • Hardcover, 270 pages.