Incomparable Grace [Hardcover]

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In this new assessment of JFK’s Presidency, Mark Updegrove reveals how Kennedy’s first months were marred by setbacks: the botched Bay of Pigs invasion, a disastrous summit with the Soviet premier, and a mismanaged approach to the Civil Rights movement. But a humbled Kennedy conceded his mistakes, and drew important lessons from his failures that he used to right wrongs and move forward undaunted. Incomparable Grace reexamines the dramatic, consequential White House years of a flawed but gifted leader.

“In these troubled times, JFK’s leadership looks better and better in the rearview mirror, and Updegrove here deploys his wise historical judgment to show us the essentials of why.”—Michael Beschloss

“This is an important book that captures the energy, hope and vision of a young president navigating a potential nuclear confrontation, a gathering storm in Vietnam, and the struggle for justice at home.”—Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize-winning author