Signed! They Were My Friends by Gerard F. Doherty

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This rare first-hand account will take the reader through the history of Massachusetts politics and the golden age of the Kennedy political dynasty from the man who had the only seat at the table for all three Kennedy brothers. Gerard Doherty writes with a simple voice that is both to the point and clever as he weaves his unlikely rise to the top of Massachusetts political leadership and how he became the man behind the Kennedy political machine at key moments in history. He also shares the behind the scenes account of his work in helping President Jimmy Carter and President Lyndon Johnson win the White House.

Mr. Doherty takes the reader back in time when tuberculosis and war were a daily concern of families and struggles of loss were real in every pocket of the neighborhood. He writes about the power of boyhood friendships and how the relationships that you welcome throughout your life can carry you through difficult times to triumph.

  • Signed by Gerard Doherty.
  • Worked for President Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Edward M. Kennedy.
  • Hardcover, 276 pages and features 54 photos.