The Gospel According to RFK by Norman MacAfee

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As he campaigned for the presidency in 1968, Robert F. Kennedy outlined what seems today a redemptive vision for America. Tirelessly, before the kinds of vast crowds reserved for rock stars, RFK articulated with passionate eloquence the disasters of a misguided war, the pain of the dispossessed, and the way out of war and poverty.

Here, in The Gospel According to RFK, Norman MacAfee has brought together the best of Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign speeches and contributes lively and engaging commentary that makes them fresh and relevant. Issues of peace, justice, equality, and responsibility, which were at the center of RFK's campaign, have as much meaning today as they did in 1968. This is a book for Democrats, liberals, independents, progressives, and even many Republicans to carry around, read for inspiration, and quote. It is a book for people who believe they can change the government, the society, and even the world.

  • Selections of Robert Kennedy's camapaign speeches with engaging commentary.
  • Softcover, 200 pages.